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What is swordsparring?

In China there are several names for swordmanship:

Although most of the chinese martial art styles do have their own sword forms and sword applications most of the basic principles and techniques are identical.

Swordsparring Ji Jian 擊 劍 provides an opportunity to pratice close to reality. This includes the practice of basic techniques with the chinese sword (Jian 劍) as single and paired exercises as well as freefight with swords. This training makes not only a lot of fun but also improves the understanding of sword forms and -techniques.

The sword (Jian 劍) is a traditional weapon of the chinese martial arts and is also used in Taijiquan. In contrast to the curved and heavy sabre (Dao 刀) the lighter sword has a straight sharp double-edged blade which tapers to the tip.
The quality of the sword determines a more sensitive and flexible way of appliance and since the same principles are practiced it is an excellent extension of form and tui shou 推 手 (push hands) exercises.


Yan Gaofei Chen Schwertform Yan Gaofei Schwertsparring
Yan Gaofei - Chen style sword form (left) and application with softsword (right)

However it is difficult to perform paired exercises with the sword like in tui shou 推 手 because there is a high risk of injury. By use of exercise swords and protective equipment (german) this risk can be reduced.

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